#MetaBeta - Seeno Evo's Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer Review

*5 minutes, and a beer later…*
“...what even was that??”

Everyone’s a critic these days. In the age of the viral video and the influential blogger, there are many folks who have an opinion, or two, about everything. If you know Seeno Evo, you know that he has a strong opinion about things that he is passionate about.

After a brief conversation about the trailer of the new Ghostbusters movie coming out in Summer 2016, we decided that Seeno should take his opinion to the internet to see if he could curb the hype behind the film. Of course, with Seeno being the awesome fellow that he is, he could not pass up the opportunity to go in and rip this movie a new one, even though he has yet to see the film.. See for yourself.

In the famous words of Seeno Evo, the new Ghostbusters Movie, “Fuck Your Moment.”

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