STL Music Sunday: Live music from Cree Rider + Centipede + Local Listening Party : Presented by Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.

Live Music:
Cree Rider - 2pm sharp!
Centipede- 4pm

Playing the following new, local releases:

CaveofswordS- GLiiSS (Sigils remix album)
The Defeated Country - Bar Tabs and Baby Names
Centipede - Vibrational.Medicine
Popular Mechanics - Onramp to Irrelevance
The Bottle Rockets - South Broadway Athletic Club
Cree Rider Family Band - Let The River Rise
Benjamin Kaplan - That Fatal Gift of Beauty
Little Big Bangs - Star Power
Hylidae - Intransitive
Mother Meat - Sunday School Extravaganza
New Lives - In Passing

This event is happening on Sunday, October 25th at the Music Record Shop at 4191 Manchester Ave. Be sure to RSVP, take pics and have fun!