My journey into the world of Improv

Not Quite Right (NQR) was founded by Howie and Sarah Hirschfield and built from the minds, hearts, and intestines of several great Improv-ers. I have been with this amazing improv troupe for a few months now. Since my first meeting with NQR, I have learned so many things about myself that I am so happy to have learned.

One of these things is that I am capable in being a part of a group long-form free-for-all at the Bookhouse (in Maplewood, MO.) From the shows in a tiny library basement to finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk in Hermann, MO, I have had a fun time with this improv troupe.

Since I have been a member of NQR, we have taken some of our Monday night practice sessions and turned these into improv workshops that include our mutual improv friends. I’m tellin’ ya, one session in improv, it has given me an opportunity to think differently about my everyday life.

In closing, improv is a medicine best served in appropriate doses. I love my Monday nights because I have a reason to take my mind off of the stress. I mean, it’s the start of the work week and everyone has a case of the “Mondays.” What better way to deal with the stress of having to do what other tell you to do than doing the first thing that comes to your mind? Can you think of one? If so, shut up! Improv is awesome! #StayTuned


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