BaqBeet's Playlist - Running Themes (#BqBtzPly)

Prologue V Release is just around the corner! In the spirit of preparing for the Prologue V Release in January, I would like to uncover some gems from the extensive collection of Far Fetched tracks available on the Far Fetched Bandcamp.

I have been self-proclaimed as the biggest Far Fetched fan out there. What I would like to do is provide people with a way to learn about what Far Fetched has been providing for the past 5 years to the Saint Louis Music Scene and beyond! The Far Fetched Starship has been in production for a while now and I think it’s about time for takeoff!!! Join me in the journey into the Alpha and Omega in which is the Far Fetched imprint born in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Next on #BqBtzPly: I will be reviewing one of a few tracks that I have collected over the past few years from the collective that is now Far Fetched. Which will it be? #StayTuned to find out.


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