Improv Log - (Practice on October 20th, 2015)

It is 10 days before the show. I just got back from practice. Unfortunately, we have all been recovering from sickness, life changes and etcetera. Tonight was especially fun because it was the first time that I had done any improv in 2 weeks. And boy, did I need an opportunity to let loose!

We had another night of coaching with one of our friends from the improv community in Saint Louis, Brian, sit in on one of our practice sessions and give us some pointers on what we should work on in relation to how we reacted to what he gave us. I thought that it was very interesting that whatever exercise he gave us was directly proportional to what we could use work on as a troupe. (And on some games, I really needed some work.)

My favorite part about this last practice was the focus on the physicality and character building. One of the exercises that stuck out to me was one that forced us to lead with a particular body part. The fascinating aspect of this exercise is that it gets you in touch with exploring new characters. There weren’t any costumes, but we were convinced that we had to speak or carry oneself in a certain way due to how we would walk. If I lead with my chest, I will react differently with someone than if I lead with my elbow.

I feel like tonight’s practice has given me confidence on going into this crazy weekend of shows that we have ahead of us! If you want to know more about the shows, check out the info below!

- Captured Planet Presents: Falling Awake

- Lemp Mansion: Grand Hall Show

Thanks for reading and #StayTuned


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