18andCounting x Centipede - Lift Up on Prologue IV (BaqBeet's Playlist)

“Couple thousand stickers and a loose plan. Every egg golden, but you never see that goose land. Chosen one since the roaches and food stamps. Dollar for the homeless, an icepick for a mooched hand.”

Just a few lyrics from the hit single on the Prologue IV compilation that goes by the name “Lift Up” by 18andCounting and Centipede. Honestly, this is my top pick from this volume of the Prologue series. This track goes hard from the start of the first kick to the sounds reminiscent of flipping a cassette tape from side A to side B at the end of the track. Each time I hear this, I cannot fight the urge to do some serious “Hednawden.”

On top of the raw production, brought to you by Centipede, lies an arsenal of hard hitting lyrics with a fairly dense layer of depth from 18andCounting. Each one of these talented artists have done nothing but deliver a raw version of what their take is on artistic expression. I certainly look forward to hearing more collaborations from these artists in the near future.

This is one of many amazing tracks on Prologue IV. Be sure to make your way over to the Far Fetched Bandcamp page to pick up the track “Lift Up” as well as a few others tracks from both Centipede, 18andCounting and many more.

What do you think of “Lift Up?” Like it? Share it. Buy it. Bump it in your car. I do it. ;)

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