Eklektrip - Come Over ft. Michael Franco on Eklektrip

“You know there is a pathway to my place. It’s called ecstasy. For two lovers tonight, it’s only right that we -- exercise our right to all our fantasies. Scapegoat, we can float baby. Now, let it be.”

First time I heard of Michael Franco is when I went to a show over at FUBAR in Saint Louis to see Franco-Hill. After this, I had decided to check him out on Soundcloud. I must say that it didn’t take long before I realized how talented this artist is.

At the time, I had only known about Far Fetched for a short time. I also had no idea that Michael Franco has made a few tracks that have been included in the Prologue Series of singles, all of which have a bit of an R&B influence behind them. I knew that I could dig his sound after I heard the track that made it on both Prologue (ii) and Eklektrip by the name of Come Over.”

The moment that I knew I loved this track is when I recognized that distinctively offbeat drum pattern. One captivating aspect of the Far Fetched collaborations is that there is always that one sound that makes the track “Far Fetched.” In this case, it is the ability to fall off and back on to the beat as the lyrics flow over the top of the mix, not to mention the amazing guitar riffs that pull you in even further...

If you are building a mixtape for that special someone, this is a good track to include. What do you think? Lemme know what’s up? Thanks for reading!

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