SNS feat. Thelonius Kryptonite & Lamar Harris - So Cool on The Hangover II & Prologue (One)

"We don't want no trouble, just wanna get you open with this 'feel good' music -- take it to bar-b-ques and house parties -- good vibes in the spirit of Bob Marley..."

Such a slick ass track. I picture myself driving -- I don’t want to get too cliche, but the prime time to start this track is right before you kick your feet up.

Just like the name of the song suggests, this track is a tall glass of lemonade, or cognac on the rocks in the hot summer sun… nice and cool. This track inspires me to have a bar-b-que, have a 30 pack of brews on deck and a frisbee. I could only imagine where each of these artists were in the conception of this hit.

The first time I heard this track, I was impressed with how smooth it was. Between the imagery provided by Scriptz ‘n’ Screwz (SNS) on the lyrics, the smooth hook provided by Thelonius Kryptonite and the horn solo at the end, this track screams “summertime coastin’ in slow motion, while smokin’ somethin’ potent…” (Listen to the track.)

An easy going composition released on an album from Scriptz and LooseScrewz, codename “The Hangover II” and also on the first official Far Fetched compilation “Prologue (One).” If you are into the type of music that you want to spark somethin’ up to, this is it. Be cool, and check this track out, as well as many others on the Far Fetched Bandcamp.

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