Preparing for Prologue V (Jan. 15th @ 2720 Cherokee)

There is a big show coming up. Better get ready for it!

This event will mark the 5th year of the Far Fetched annual compilation album that highlights some talented artists involved in the creative collaborative efforts of the imprint(Far Fetched). After attending the Prologue III show and co-hosting the Prologue IV show, I have been doing my homework on what is to come for the Prologue V show this January.

I have been doing some avid listening to the Prologue series as released thus far. While doing so, I have kick-started a series of blogs about music that I include in my daily tracklist. Whether I am working my 9to5 or working out, I have a set of tracks that I like to play for motivation. And up until January, the running theme for BaqBeet’s Playlist will be the Far Fetched Prologue series.

I have listened to albums such as The Anchor Punch, Reclamation Arts, Reflections EP, Eklektrip, Standing Sleep and of course, Prologues I through IV. In doing so, I have uncovered some amazing music that I wish I could see performed on stage at a Far Fetched show. Who’s to say that this is out of reach, right? I mean, the collective is only 5 years old, after all. 

As I did last year, I will be hosting this year’s Prologue show at 2720 Cherokee. This time around, we will have much more for you to look forward to, including sweepstakes leading up to the show and new music from some collaborations within the Far Fetched collective. Based upon the ethic of the talented artists Far Fetched alone, you can ensure that this will be a noteworthy event for bringing in the new year with a bang, in the middle of January. Be sure to RSVP -- Prologue V Release Party.

Looking for an event to kick off 2016? Look no further. If you wanna read about some of the tracks that I have uncovered, stay posted by checking out BaqBeet’s Playlist sometime and searching the WeAreFarFetched category on

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