#MetaBeta - Hopin' Season

“But if we continue this way of thinking, then we’ go’n continue this way of sinking.
For no reason. So let’s make this year, hopin’ season.”

A bit of spoken word poetry from Seeno Evo addressing social issues connected to stigmas and stereotypes. What I love most about this video is that it is minimalistic. We both told one another that this year will be one to remember. After the holidays, we both got inspired to work more on providing content for everyone to enjoy.

Seeno Evo and myself, BaqBeet, have done a few different projects together for 4+ years now. In our time working together, we have done a few different videos, songs and shows. As well as providing new content, we will be revisiting some of our older projects that you may have missed over time. This is one of the first videos produced under the Meta Beta Project.

Hopin' Season on YouTube

Soon after Seeno made it clear that this would be his first video project of 2016, he mentioned that he wanted to use the track ‘In Other News…,’ produced by myself, BaqBeet. Of course, I loved the idea of having this track be the background of a spoken word video. When I got to view the finished product, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the background music was edited with the spoken word. It made me view my own music in a new, fresh way and realize how this track could be used besides being an instrumental track on a BaqBeetBGM compilation.

Be sure to check out more videos on Seeno Evo’s YouTube page and the track ‘In Other News...’ on BaqBeet's Soundcloud. #StayTuned.


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