Out Hrr Artist Statement: Dj Nappy Needles

Yo, if you don’t know about these shows, you are sleeping on an opportunity to get to know more artists in Saint Louis. Since I have been Dj’ing with Out Hrr Events, I have been a bit intimidated about performing as a Dj because of my lack of “real time” experience. After I got the opportunity to listen to Needles’ perspective on the art of Dj’ing, I have been more confident in forging my own path in the relm of the Dj world.

On Novermber 29th, 2016, Dj Nappy Needles did an interview at Blank Space that made me rethink my approach to becoming a Dj. In addition to getting the honor of opening for such a talented Saint Louis Dj, I got the chance to get to know the artist that is Nappy Needles.

I have heard this name for years now. From hearing about the amazing shows that my older sister used to attend that Needles would Dj to the Nightchaser and Soulition events that I see on my Facebook feed, this artist is known for being, arguably, one of the best Dj’s in the city. Never had I thought that I would get the chance to absorb the insight of such a well known artist.

Image by BaqBeet

Image by BaqBeet

“I’ve been to plenty of parties where people come up to me complaining. I’m just not that type of Dj to try and ‘please’ people who don’t like what I do. I look at it like an art. I look at it like, [how a band would be booked to place at someplace.] You go to see a band and you want to see a band play their own [shit]. You don’t necessarily want to go see a band that is taking requests all night. I kinda have that mentality. It might be wrong in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve looked at who I consider some of the best Djs and they’ve always just done what they feel. I’ve always tried to tell other Djs that, [especially] Djs who hate what they play. But they feel like ‘I have to play this because this is what [people] like. That’s fine if you want to continue doing something that you hate. I feel like you should definitely work on finding out what it is that identifies you as an artist/Dj and build on that audience. A lot of people might say ‘he doesn’t play enough stuff that appeases the masses/mainstream. There’s enough Djs that do that. I’m not trying to be the next one. I’ll play stuff that’s popular, but it’s only because I like it. I’m not going to play everything that‘s popular [just] because it’s popular.”

This was only a fraction of what made me love this particular artist statement. In 2017, there will be more Out Hrr events that showcase the talent, and insight, of more noteworthy artists. If you have yet to check out one of these shows, I highly recommend it. Especially recommended for artists that would like to reignite that inspirational flame. It was an honor to be at Blank Space for Dj Needles’ artist statement. Also, the moderators did very well at asking the hard hitting questions. Be sure to check out the Out Hrr artist statements to come. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!