#MetaBeta - The Anti-Blog

Quick disclaimer:
I’m gonna be riding the META part pretty hard. So, talk to me about this video!

I’m sure that you know someone who is trying to become an influential blogger just because they have a strong opinion about their favorite movies being rebooted. It just so happens that Seeno Evo is one of those people. The funny thing is that he doesn’t want to write a blog. So I’ll do it, at least for now.

I told him that it would be entertaining to share how much he doesn’t want to write a blog in the form of a VLOG (Video Blog). Sure enough, he got on camera and didn’t waste a second. In addition to ranting about not wanting to blog, Seeno delivers some info on what he and I have been cookin’ in the lab as of late.

Be sure to catch Seeno’s Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer Review, as well as more from the MetaBeta Project in the near future! Keep your eyes open for MetaBeta Blog entries right here on BaqBeet.com.

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