Abnormal - Reaching The Omega Point ft. Go Yama on Narcissistic Euphony

Lyrics? Who needs them when Pretty Girls Like Dope Beats? HA!

Abnormal, one of my favorite instrumental electronic musicians I know, especially when he is playin’ live. It gets pretty ridiculous. His style of putting together these crazy sounds with such solid beats is an undeniable style. Between the ambient samples and the intricate riffs, I would most definitely say that this is a recipe for one of the most interesting soundtracks to anyone’s day.

I am gonna go out on a limb here and assume that Go Yama is the one that brought the wonderful guitar solo to the latter half of this track. The guitar solo on top of the ambient, hip-hop-esque beat just brings a calm feeling over my body, especially when I am cruisin’ around town, running errands, feeling like a boss. This track is most definitely "roadtrip approved" by myself, BaqBeet, as well as "party approved." Not every party will be ready for the sound that this track will bring, but the ones that are will commend you for your contribution.

Please check out the rest of Narcissistic Euphony to support my homie Abnormal as he continues to bring his interpretation of the Abnormal sound to you! Happy listening and lemme know what you think!